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MicroWorks, Inc. is a progressive computer company that provides a full range of software development, programming, networking, creative design, and consulting services that turn technical challenges into profitable solutions.

HP LaserJet® Fonts

We now provide fonts for HP Color LaserJet CM2320 printers! We also provide font solutions for a variety of other HP LaserJet models.


MicroWorks develops and markets unique and innovative products designed to make things more reliable, secure or efficient in a variety of industrial environments -- from correctional institutions and proprietary software implementations to barcode printing operations.

Some of the products include the Secure Instant Mail Web service for loved ones to send mail to inmates, Secure Signature devices, SmartDongle™ USB security devices, and SoftBars™ barcode solutions.


Over the years, MicroWorks has established a reputation as a company of innovation and quality. The MicroWorks team offers exceptional skills in embedded systems, testing software, barcode creation, TrueType font creation (signatures, logos, custom fonts), database-centric applications, and networking and Web-based systems.

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